Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's simply... ELECTRIFYING!

Gem and Art came to us with 2 definite ideas in mind... 1) they wanted their photo included 2) the format that inspired them was an electricity bill - no need to guess then where they both worked:) With these at hand and a rough powerpoint sketch of how they envisioned it (they were really prepared), we started to work on their very unique idea. And uniqueness challenges and inspires us:)
From their personalized A+G logo,(not forgetting the "may liwanag ang buhay" famous tag line), to the recipient/billing address, bar codes, and bride and groom trivia portion, it was a pleasure conceptualizing this invite for them:) And oh, they still had a formal main card invite aside from this electricity bill format shown here in fuchsia board. Cheers guys! We really had fun doing this for you and it literally "lit" up our minds:)

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